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The dynamic and robust characteristics of intrinsic functional connectivity of coherent spontaneous activity are critical for the brain functional stability and flexibility. Studies have demonstrated modulation of intrinsic connectivity within local spatial patterns during or after task performance, such as the default mode network (DMN) and task-specific(More)
Searching for information by search engines has been gaining popularity in recent years. However, results returned by most Chinese Web search engines usually reach up to thousands or even millions documents, so search results clustering is of critical need for on-line grouping of similar documents to improve user experience while searching collections of(More)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious medical and social problem worldwide. Because of the complex pathophysiological mechanisms of TBI, effective pharmacotherapy is still lacking. The microglial cells are resident tissue macrophages located in the brain and have two major polarization states, M1 phenotype and M2 phenotype, when activated. The M1(More)
Spontaneous brain activity studies have revealed ‘small-world’ property in functional networks based on correlated or positively-correlated relationships. However, studies neither investigated negatively-correlated functional networks, nor checked the ‘dynamic’ properties of the whole functional organization. After subjects(More)