Zhijia Zhang

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The mouse mutant mnd2 (motor neuron degeneration 2) exhibits muscle wasting, neurodegeneration, involution of the spleen and thymus, and death by 40 days of age. Degeneration of striatal neurons, with astrogliosis and microglia activation, begins at around 3 weeks of age, and other neurons are affected at later stages. Here we have identified the mnd2(More)
Inhibitors of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) interact with caspases and inhibit their protease activity, whereas the IAP-inhibitory proteins Smac/DIABLO in mammals and Reaper, Hid, and Grim in flies relieve IAP-mediated inhibition to induce cell death. Here we describe the functional characterization of the novel Drosophila cell death protein Sickle (Skl), which(More)
Automatic reading system for water meter has been widely used in water supply industries and the method of print wheel region and pointers location is the key technology to automatic reading for water meter. Currently, main problems that affect print wheel region and pointers location of water meter are the complicated background of dial images, interfering(More)
This paper proposes a new solution integrating energy function into singular value decomposition (SVD) for image de-noising. By selecting the proper singular values that represent signal and discarding the ones that represent noise, the additive noise of an image can be eliminated effectively. In order to obtain the optimal number of the singular values for(More)
This paper presents two improved snake models to respectively locate the pupil-iris and iris-sclera edge in order to enhance the location accuracy problem caused by the non-standard circle characteristic of them. To locate the pupil-iris edge, the gradient image of iris without being filtered was directly used and the normalized vector normal to every snake(More)
Propositional logic is a highly important formalism language in knowledge representation and automatic reasoning. In the present paper, directed hypergraph is a tool used to represent CNF formula and explore SAT problems. The directed hypergraph associated with CNF formula is constructed and the one-to-one correspondence between them is proved. Some(More)
Aiming at the problem of pointer location in water meter like multi-pointer meter, a pointer location algorithm based on pointer position and structure feature is raised in this paper. The algorithm first uses edge detection and mathematical morphology processing method to filter the effective area. Then, it takes advantage of the pointers' position feature(More)
We present a general strategy to synthesize uniform MnCo2O4 submicrospheres with various hollow structures. By using MnCo-glycolate submicrospheres as the precursor with proper manipulation of ramping rates during the heating process, we have fabricated hollow MnCo2O4 submicrospheres with multilevel interiors, including mesoporous spheres, hollow spheres,(More)
This Traditional template matching methods are not appropriate for the situation of large angle rotation between two images in the online detection for industrial production. Aiming at this problem, Fourier transform algorithm was introduced to correct image rotation angle based on its rotatary invariance in time-frequency domain, orienting image under test(More)