Zhijia Yang

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System scaling becomes essential and indispensable for distributed storage systems due to the explosive growth of data volume. Considering that fault-protection is a necessity in large-scale distributed storage systems, and Cauchy Reed-Solomon (CRS) codes are widely deployed to tolerate multiple simultaneous node failures, this paper studies the scaling(More)
In order to improve the speed of executing PLC instructions, the high performance PLC processor is researched. The proposed high performance PLC dedicated processor consists of the general processor and the PLC application specific instruction set processor (ASIP), and regards the PLC ASIP as the core. In the PLC ASIP, four kinds of instruction formats and(More)
Network technology promotes motion-control system to develop with high speed, high accuracy and high efficiency. Motion-control application also promotes motion-control network higher requires on communication rate, network-scheduling, clock-synchronization, communication- reliability, and so on. Based on studying architecture of motion-control network,(More)
This paper introduces a different approach to wavelet denoising. Unlike traditional soft or hard thresholding based wavelet domain schemes, we employ an odd-term reserving polynomial function with flexible coefficients as the noisy signal estimator. Meanwhile we adopt Stein's Unbiased Risk Estimate (SURE) to give an unbiased estimate of the mean-squared(More)
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