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Urban land expansion in China has attracted considerable scholarly attention. However, more work is needed to apply spatial modeling to understanding the mechanisms of urban growth from both institutional and physical perspectives. This paper analyzes urban expansion in Shanghai and its development zones (DZs). We find that, as nodes of global-local(More)
In a growing body of literature on urbanization in China, scholars have emphasized the proactive role of the Chinese local state in urban land expansion. Drawing upon official land use change data from 1998 to 2008, this study investigates the relationship between the hierarchical structure of the Chinese urban administrative system and urban land(More)
We are implementing a fault-tolerant mpiJava API on top of the AgentTeamwork grid-computing middleware system. Our mpiJava implementation consists of the mpiJava API, the GridTcp socket library, and the user program wrapper, each providing a user with the standard mpiJava functions, facilitating message-recording/error-recovering socket connections, and(More)
This paper discussed the ecological significance of urban green corridors network in urban green space ecosystem, analyzed the present status of green space ecosystem in the west urban area of Dongying in Shangdong Province, and figured out the ways of constructing urban green corridors network in this area to strengthen the linkage between its fragmented(More)
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