Zhihui Xiong

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This work presents a platform-based SoC hardware/software co-design environment named HSCDE. It introduces the overall structure of HSCDE, describes the platform-based SoC system modeling technology, and algorithm based hardware/software partitioning technology and hierarchical directed acyclic graph based performance constraint assignment technology. HSCDE(More)
A new generation of optical devices that generate images covering 360 degree field of view, namely catadioptric cameras, is slowly emerging. Because of the concentric annular distortion, the omnidirectional images need to be transformed into panoramic images. In omnidirectional visual surveillance systems, it is a challenge to realize panoramic unrolling in(More)
In order to save storage space of a pano-mapping table used in omni-image unwarping, a geometric symmetry method is proposed. First of all, this method partitions a 360° omni-image into eight 45° omni-image sectors. Then, we partition the pano-mapping table into eight regions accordingly, with each pano-mapping table region corresponding to exactly one(More)
Dense sample video patches have been used for video representation in action recognition and achieve better performance than sparse spatiotemporal local features. However, two problems of this method must be considered. First one, many video patches are from background other than human body. Second one, the descriptor is not reliable, since it is neither(More)
Reconstruction of 3D scenes with abundant straight line features has many applications in computer vision and robot navigation. Most approaches to this problem involve stereo techniques, in which a solution to the correspondence problem between at least two different images is required. In contrast, 3D reconstruction of straight horizontal lines from a(More)
Embedded system is the application specific computing system that embedded in other application, to perform some special information processing functionalities. Embedded system is composed of software part (including embedded system software and application software) and hardware part (including embedded processors, memory, ASICs, IO circuit et al). In(More)
This paper presents a novel embedded real-time fisheye image distortion correction algorithm with application in IP network camera. A fast and simple distortion correction method is introduced based on Midpoint Circle Algorithm (MCA) which aims to determine the pixel positions along a circle circumference based on incremental calculation of decision(More)
Automatic white balance is one of the most important functions in digital cameras. In addition to effectively correct color bias, the automatic white balance technology should also be fit for resource-constrained hardware and meet its real-time requirements. Based on gray-edge hypothesis, this paper proposes a simple automatic white balance method using(More)
For omni-directional imaging based cooperative robot vision system, panorama unrolling is an important problem. We present an eight direction symmetry reuse algorithm for this problem, principles of this algorithm are: 1) Treat the original image to be unrolled as a series of co-centric circles, and uniformly partition them into eight parts of symmetrical(More)
In order to customize multi-touch gestures for different applications, and facilitate multi-touch gesture recognition, an application oriented and shape feature based multi-touch gesture description and recognition method is proposed. In this method, multi-touch gestures are classified into two categories, namely atomic gesture and combined gesture, where(More)