Zhihui Shu

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—In this paper, we investigate secrecy capacity of a cognitive radio network based on stochastic geometry distributions. We consider the Poisson process of both the secondary users and the eavesdroppers, and analyze how the stochastic interference from the secondary users can influence the secrecy capacity of the primary users. First, we describe a network(More)
In this paper, we study the optimal power control schemes for fading channels in cognitive relay networks under different power constraints of the primary user. Under the peak power and the average interference power constraints of the primary user, we derive the optimal power allocation strategies to maximize the ergodic achievable rate of the cognitive(More)
—In this paper, we propose an opportunistic relay with network coding for multcast cell. Specifically, we propose three strategies for the opportunistic relay. By analyzing the stability regions for the three proposed strategies, we find that the two strategies with network coding outperform that without network coding in terms of stability region. In(More)
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