Zhihui Shi

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Therapeutic recombinant human catalase (rhCAT) can quench infection-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS), thereby alleviating the associated tissue damage. Although the intranasal route is efficient to deliver native rhCAT to the lung, the therapeutic effect is limited by rapid elimination from the blood. In this study, we modified rhCAT with the active(More)
The coupler is a connecting device in railway vehicles, used for passing the traction and the impact. The dimension error of the traction platform and impact platform in coupler knuckle is the main factor that affects the smooth connection and safety performance. Use coordinate measuring technology to detect the coupler knuckle, obtaining the dimension of(More)
3G oriented Online Charging System concept is briefly introduced at first. Then the OCS load test requirements are analyzed and the load test scenario is proposed, including the load test manners and scope, major performance benchmark data, full-service oriented traffic model and test output requirements. Based on the load test scenario, the design and(More)
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