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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the preliminary efficacy of video-assisted anal fistula treatment (VAAFT) for complex anal fistula. METHODS Clinical data of 11 consecutive patients with complex anal fistula undergoing VAAFT in our department from May to July 2015 were reviewed. VAAFT was performed to manage the fistula under endoscope without cutting or resection.(More)
How task focus affects recognition of change in vocal emotion remains in debate. In this study, we investigated the role of task focus for change detection in emotional prosody by measuring changes in event-related electroencephalogram (EEG) power. EEG was recorded for prosodies with and without emotion change while subjects performed emotion change(More)
A new wheat-Thinopyrum translocation line CH13-21 was selected from the progenies derived from a cross between wheat-Th. intermedium partial amphiploid TAI7047 and wheat line Mianyang11. CH13-21 was characterized by using genomic in situ hybridization (GISH), multicolor-GISH (mc-GISH), multicolor-fluorescence in situ hybridization (mc-FISH) and(More)
The ability to detect emotional changes is of primary importance for social living. Though emotional signals are often conveyed by multiple modalities, how emotional changes in vocal and facial modalities integrate into a unified percept has yet to be directly investigated. To address this issue, we asked participants to detect emotional changes delivered(More)
Integration of information from face and voice plays a central role in social interactions. The present study investigated the modulation of emotional intensity on the integration of facial-vocal emotional cues by recording EEG for participants while they were performing emotion identification task on facial, vocal, and bimodal angry expressions varying in(More)
Application Level Multicast becomes an effective solution for live media streaming nowadays. Tree based ALM solution suitable for large-scale streaming is simple to construct and easy to maintain but weak in reliability. In this paper, with the study on peers stability and distance evaluation, we proposed a new tree-topology maintain policy based on(More)
The current study aimed to clarify the role of emotional intensity in vocal emotion decoding and its time course. Behavioral responses and electroencephalograms for vocalizations with different levels of emotional intensity were recorded while participants performed emotion identification on neutral-happy continua. It was found that the rates of happiness(More)
Recent findings on audiovisual emotional interactions suggest that selective attention affects cross-sensory interaction from an early processing stage. However, the influence of attention manipulation on facial-vocal integration during emotional change perception is still elusive at this point. To address this issue, we asked participants to detect(More)
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