Zhihua Ying

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In this article, we report that the origins of 1/f noise in pm-Si:H film resistors are inhomogeneity and defective structure. The results obtained are consistent with Hooge's formula, where the noise parameter, αH, is independent of doping ratio. The 1/f noise power spectral density and noise parameter αH are proportional to the squared value of temperature(More)
Fig. 6. The normalized full spherical radiation patterns of the slot antenna at different frequencies and working modes: (a) 0.8 GHz and (b) 1.48 GHz at the standard slot mode, (c) 0.42 GHz and (d) 0.96 GHz at the half-slot mode. 0.42 GHz to 1.48 GHz, achieving an extremely large frequency ratio of 3.52:1. In the small overlapped frequency range, antenna(More)
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