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Due to the increasing popularity of cloud computing, more and more data owners are motivated to outsource their data to cloud servers for great convenience and reduced cost in data management. However, sensitive data should be encrypted before outsourcing for privacy requirements, which obsoletes data utilization like keyword-based document retrieval. In(More)
This paper models the messages embedded by spatial least significant bit (LSB) matching as independent noises to the cover image, and reveals that the histogram of the differences between pixel gray values is smoothed by the stego bits despite a large distance between the pixels. Using the characteristic function of difference histogram (DHCF), we prove(More)
With the increasing importance of images in people's daily life, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has been widely studied. Compared with text documents, images consume much more storage space. Hence, its maintenance is considered to be a typical example for cloud storage outsourcing. For privacy-preserving purposes, sensitive images, such as medical and(More)
This paper introduces a novel robust watermarking scheme for digital images, which is robust against common signal processing and geometric distortion attacks. In order to be resistant to geometric distortion attacks, the matched feature points determined by the scale-invariance feature transform (SIFT) are used for image restoration to reduce the(More)
With the advent of cloud computing, many organizations and individuals are interested in outsourcing their complex data management to the public cloud for economic savings and ease of access. As sensitive information may have to be encrypted before outsourcing, the data utilization service based on plaintext keyword search is not suitable for the encrypted(More)
Cloud computing becomes increasingly popular. To protect data privacy, sensitive data should be encrypted by the data owner before outsourcing, which makes the traditional and efficient plaintext keyword search technique useless. The existing searchable encryption schemes support only exact or fuzzy keyword search, not support semantics-based multi-keyword(More)
To protect the privacy, sensitive information has to be encrypted before outsourcing to the cloud. Thus the effective data utilization becomes a significant challenge. Searchable encryption scheme has been developed to conduct retrieval over encrypted data. However, these schemes only support exact keyword search. Recent fuzzy search schemes mainly evaluate(More)
The content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has been widely studied along with the increasing importance of images in our daily life. Compared with the text documents, images consume much more storage and thus are very suitable to be stored on the cloud servers. The outsourcing of CBIR to the cloud servers can be a very typical service in cloud computing. For(More)
With the growing popularity of cloud computing, more and more users outsource their private data to the cloud. To ensure the security of private data, data owners usually encrypt their private data before outsourcing the data to the cloud server, which brings incommodity of data operating. This paper proposes a scheme for similar search on encrypted images.(More)