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Learning and Forgetting: Modeling Optimal Product Sampling Over Time
In this paper we characterize sampling as having two effects. Expand
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The Design of Matlab-DSP Development Environment for Control System
  • S. Yuan, Zhihua Shen
  • Computer Science
  • Third International Conference on Digital…
  • 31 July 2012
This paper presents a new platform for real-time control system based on Matlab-DSP integrated development environment. Expand
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China and the Dispatch of the Soviet Air Force: The Formation of the Chinese–Soviet–Korean Alliance in the Early Stage of the Korean War
Abstract China's entry into the Korean War, together with the involvement of the Soviet Air Force, constituted not only the base of Chinese and Soviet joint assistance to North Korea but also theExpand
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The Great Leap Forward, the People's Commune and the Sino-Soviet Split
Utilizing recently available Chinese and Russian archival sources and pertinent media reports, this article attempts to unravel the truth on the connection between the Great Leap Forward/the People'sExpand
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Contested Border: A Historical Investigation into the Sino-Korean Border Issue, 1950–1964
Abstract:The contested Sino-Korean border issue has received very little study. Making use of presently available sources in the several different archives in China and Taiwan, as well as documentsExpand
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Between Aid and Restriction: The Soviet Union’s Changing Policies on China’s Nuclear Weapons Program, 1954-1960
Abstract:Based on newly available Chinese and Russian archival documents and oral histories, this article examines the origins and evolution of Soviet policies concerning China’s nuclear weaponsExpand
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A HISTORICAL EXAMINATION OF THE ISSUE OF SO VIET EXPERTS IN CHINA: BASIC SITUATION AND POLICY CHANGES The dispatching of large numbers of experts and advisers to foreign coun-
special phenomenon in the relationship between socialist countries during the Cold War era. People have noticed that, no matter what the motives or original intensions, the result was contrary toExpand
The Treaty of Peace with Japan and the Korean truce negotiations
The outbreak of the Korean War caused the U.S.A. to become determined in excluding the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from the Treaty of Peace with Japan, the signing of which is hoped to beExpand