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Two statistical models for color texture retrieval based on a hidden Markov model (HMM) in the contourlet domain are described in this paper. Through a contourlet transformation, each color component of an image is decomposed into a set of directional subbands with texture details captured in different orientations. By exploiting inter-scale dependencies(More)
—As adoption of the newly standardized H.264 becomes increasingly more widespread, efforts must be made to transcode video from earlier standards, such as MPEG-2, to the H.264 format. One aspect of transcoding is the conversion from the discrete cosine transform (DCT) used in MPEG-2 to the integer-based DCT of H.264, the integer cosine transform. By(More)
In the context of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and the discrete cosine transform (DCT), we present efficient methods for bidirectional conversion between transform coefficients of a signal block (one- or two-dimensional) and transform coefficients of the signal's subblocks. The DFT case is used to exemplify the underlying theoretical issues while(More)
Variants of the discrete cosine transform (DCT) have been selected for different image/video compression standards, and fast conversion algorithms between these transforms are needed. In this paper, conversion between an 8×8 DCT block, used in MPEG-2, and its corresponding 4×4 integer DCT blocks, used in H.264, is studied. By investigating the(More)
Multiscale image representation and analysis techniques such as the beamlet framework have found significant applications in image processing, however, their approximation of arbitrary curves via linear basis functions may still present an obstacle to some applications. In this work we extend the beamlet dictionary to include arc basis functions for(More)
Distribution network reconfiguration is a method that change the network construction to obtain the optimal operation efficiency. This paper presents a comprehensive cost minimum distribution network dynamic reconfiguration model. Dynamic reconfiguration time intervals devided by set a comprehensive performance indicator, The globally researching capability(More)