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Random weighting estimation is an emergent algorithmic method in statistic, which is firstly applied to the research of navigation system in this paper. An algorithm is presented for on-line random weighting estimating the white noise errors of integrated INS/GPS/SAR navigation system. Secondly, The Random weighting estimation is presented in terms of(More)
In the past few decades, as a new tool for analysis of the tough geotechnical problems, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been successfully applied to address a number of engineering problems, including deformation due to tunnelling in various types of rock mass. Unlike the classical regression methods in which a certain form for the approximation(More)
First a new method of random weighting estimation is applied to multi-sensor data fusion, a random weighting data fusion method of multi-source sensor is proposed. According to maximum likelihood theory, random samples coming from different sensors (same mean different variance) are fused in an effective way, and a new estimation of mean is gained, thus(More)
Recent scientific results have shown that location-based social networks (LBSNs) can be used to automatically and accurately predict even highly sensitive personal attributes (such as social relationships). To avoid the adversary inferring users' relationship privacy, a relationship privacy protection schema is proposed to protect the user privacy in mobile(More)
Eddy current sensors (ECSs) are widely used for non-contact displacement measurement. In this note, the quantitative error of an ECS caused by target conductivity was analyzed using a complex image method. The response curves (L-x) of the ECS with different targets were similar and could be overlapped by shifting the curves on x direction with √2δ/2. Both(More)