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Tensions have been rising between physicians and patients in China recently. More and more Chinese medical professionals are being hurt or even killed by patients. There are many complicated reasons for the frequent violence in Chinese hospitals; this guideline is not intended to solve the problem but attempts to provide a practical way to prevent and(More)
Random weighting estimation is an emergent algorithmic method in statistic, which is firstly applied to the research of navigation system in this paper. An algorithm is presented for on-line random weighting estimating the white noise errors of integrated INS/GPS/SAR navigation system. Secondly, The Random weighting estimation is presented in terms of(More)
Matrix-bound phosphine (MBP) concentrations in surface sediments collected from 37 stations along the coast of China in 2006 are reported. MBP was found in all samples and the average concentration was 6.30ngkg(-1)dry weight (dw). The distribution of MBP showed certain spatial variation characteristics with high MBP concentrations at stations near to the(More)
Sediment is commonly considered as a source of phosphine, which is a highly toxic and reactive atmospheric trace gas. This study aims to investigate the seasonal and spatial distribution of matrix-bound phosphine (MBP) and its relationship with the environment in the Changjiang River Estuary. A total of 43 surface sediments were collected in four seasons of(More)
In the past few decades, as a new tool for analysis of the tough geotechnical problems, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been successfully applied to address a number of engineering problems, including deformation due to tunnelling in various types of rock mass. Unlike the classical regression methods in which a certain form for the approximation(More)
The contamination of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in the surface sediments of the Guan River Estuary, China was fully investigated. Total concentrations of 56 species of SVOCs ranged from 132 to 274 ng/g with an average of 186 ng/g (dry weight). Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) concentrations were positively correlated with clay content and(More)
First a new method of random weighting estimation is applied to multi-sensor data fusion, a random weighting data fusion method of multi-source sensor is proposed. According to maximum likelihood theory, random samples coming from different sensors (same mean different variance) are fused in an effective way, and a new estimation of mean is gained, thus(More)
The contamination of surface sediments in Guan River Estuary, China, by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has been fully investigated. Total concentrations of 21 PAHs ranged from 90 to 218 ng/g with an average of 132.7 ng/g, which is relatively low in comparison with other estuaries around the world. PAH concentrations appeared to be positively(More)
Matrix-bound phosphine (MBP) has been measured in sediment from two cores in Lake Illawarra on the south east coast of Australia. The sediments were also dated in the upper layers. MBP concentrations found range from 142 to 1813 ng kg(-1), dw (dry weight of sediment) with some values being amongst the highest ever measured. Values of MBP in deeper sediments(More)