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Distributed metadata servers are required for cluster file system's scalability. However, how to distribute the file system metadata among multiple metadata servers and how to make the file system reliable in case of server failures are two difficult problem. In this paper, we present a journal-based failure-recovery mechanism for distributed metadata(More)
This study characterized the time-location pattern of 107 residents living in air pollution hotspots, the Waterfront South and Copewood/Davis Streets communities in Camden, NJ. Most residents in the two communities are minority and impoverished individuals. Results showed that employment status played the fundamental role in determining time-location(More)
There have been several algorithms for mining association rules, such as Apriori and some improved Aprioris, only to be Interested in those itemsets, which have support above a userdefined threshold. However, there exists a kind of important rule, indirect association, hidden in these itemsets, which are filtered. out. When a pair of items, (A, B), which(More)
It is more and more important in data mining field to finding the frequent sequences in a large database. The paper briefly introduces the basic concept of frequent sequence mining and presents the data parallel formulation and task parallel formulation of tree-projection based algorithm. Moreover, the on-line LPT algorithm is used to successfully solve the(More)
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