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Characteristics and kinetic study on pyrolysis of five lignocellulosic biomass via thermogravimetric analysis.
The kinetic parameters of different stages were used as initial guess values for three-parallel-DAEM model calculation with good fitting quality and fast convergence rate and could be divided into three stages, which correspond to the pyrolysis of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin, respectively. Expand
Recent developments in biochar as an effective tool for agricultural soil management: a review.
  • M. Laghari, R. Naidu, +9 authors S. Fazal
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the science of food and agriculture
  • 1 December 2016
This review provides an in-depth consideration of the production, characterization and agricultural use of different biochars and its characteristics vary with production conditions and the feedstock used. Expand
Thermogravimetric kinetics of lignocellulosic biomass slow pyrolysis using distributed activation energy model, Fraser–Suzuki deconvolution, and iso-conversional method
Abstract Pyrolysis kinetics of pine wood, rice husk and bamboo ( Bambusa chungii ) were studied via thermo-gravimetric analysis technique under low heating rates. The result of model-free procedureExpand
Effects of biochar application rate on sandy desert soil properties and sorghum growth
Abstract The addition of biochar (BC) has been suggested to increase the soil fertility and crop productivity of agricultural lands. This study evaluated the effect of different levels of BC onExpand
Improved gravitational search algorithm for unit commitment considering uncertainty of wind power
With increasing wind farm integrations, unit commitment (UC) is more difficult to solve because of the intermittent and fluctuation nature of wind power. In this paper, scenario generation andExpand
Thermogravimetric study on pyrolysis kinetics of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and bloom-forming cyanobacteria.
The pyrolysis process of two microalgae, Chlorella pyrenoidosa (CP) and bloom-forming cyanobacteria (CB) was examined by thermo-gravimetry to investigate their thermal decomposition behavior under non-isothermal conditions and found that stage II is the major mass reduction stage. Expand
A hybrid quantum chaotic swarm evolutionary algorithm for DNA encoding
A novel quantum chaotic swarm evolutionary algorithm (QCSEA) is presented, and is first used to solve the DNA sequence optimization problem, merging the particle swarm optimization and the chaotic search to avoid the disadvantage of easily getting to the local optional solution in the later evolution period. Expand
Thermogravimetric kinetic study of agricultural residue biomass pyrolysis based on combined kinetics.
Pyrolytic kinetic of an agricultural residue (AR) feedstock, a mixture of plants (cotton, wheat, rich, corn) stems, was investigated based on combined kinetics. The most suitable mechanism for ARExpand
Syngas production by catalytic in-situ steam co-gasification of wet sewage sludge and pine sawdust.
Abstract The catalytic in-situ co-gasification of wet sewage sludge (WSS) and pine sawdust (PS) for syngas production was studied. The thermogravimetric analysis showed that weight loss and theExpand
Improved gravitational search algorithm for parameter identification of water turbine regulation system
Abstract Parameter identification of water turbine regulation system (WTRS) is crucial in precise modeling hydropower generating unit (HGU) and provides support for the adaptive control and stabilityExpand