Zhihong Wang

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A case-based reasoning (CBR) decision support system (DSS) is well-suited to a clinical environment where there are novel problems and a low volume of cases, such as the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Clinic in Halifax. The focus is experience management of the BMT patient to avoid post-transplant complications. We leverage Health Level Seven (HL7) Clinical(More)
An adaptive sliding mode controller (ASMC) based on characteristic model is designed to overcome the detrimental effect of large inertia ratio and large-range varying inertia in high accuracy servo systems. The servo system discrete characteristic model is established and adopted for the controller designed instead of using the traditional mechanism model.(More)
Causal relations are of fundamental importance for human perception and reasoning. According to the nature of causality, causality has explicit and implicit forms. In the case of explicit form, causal-effect relations exist at either clausal or discourse levels. The implicit causal-effect relations heavily rely on empirical analysis and evidence(More)
In video surveillance, person re-identification consists in recognizing a person or determine whether a given person has already appeared over a large-scale network of cameras. In general, the human appearance obtained in one camera is usually different from the others obtained in other cameras, because of variations in view angle, illumination, body pose,(More)