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Sina-Microblog, the earliest and biggest microblogging service in China, has become one of the most popular media in information propagation. In order to gain insights into the topological and information diffusing characteristics of microblogging network in China, we crawled Sina-Microblog for about 3 months and obtain the trace of its topology and topics.(More)
This paper introduces a centrifugal impeller-based wall climbing robot “BIT Climber”. First, by statics and dynamics analyses, mechanical parameter optimization directions for general wall climbing robots are presented. A hydromechanical model suitable for all centrifugal impeller-based wall climbing robots' suction system is built, which is(More)
A boiler maintenance robot which is equipped many kinds of operation devices is proposed. This robot has compact size and can be used to do works of ash cleaning, slag purging, thickness measurement and symbol marking for boiler water-cooling tubes maintenance in one work cycle. The robot can move smoothly on the tube-wall using double magnetic tracked(More)
Recent empirical studies have discovered that many social networks have heterogeneous relationships, which are signed and weighted relationships between individual nodes. To explore the pattern of opinion dynamics in diverse social networks with heterogeneous relationships, we set up a general agent-based simulation framework named opinion interaction(More)
which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Space robots are an effective resource for astronauts working in a dangerous space environment. This paper proposes and implements a system to validate the performance of robot movement in space. A humanoid robot was designed(More)