Zhiheng Liu

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An actinomycete, strain FXJ46(T), was isolated from cypress forest soil in northern China and shown to have chemotaxonomic and morphological properties consistent with streptomycetes. It developed greyish aerial mycelium and pinkish-brown substrate mycelium on oatmeal agar. Phylogenetic analyses based on an almost complete 16S rRNA gene sequence of the(More)
—Despite the numerous benefits brought by Device-to-Device (D2D) communications, the introduction of D2D into cellular networks poses many new challenges in the resource allocation design due to the co-channel interference caused by spectrum reuse and limited battery life of User Equipments (UEs). Most of the previous studies mainly focus on how to maximize(More)
A Gram-positive, rod-shaped, non-motile bacterium, designated strain wged11T, was isolated from the root of ginseng, and its taxonomic position was established using a polyphasic approach. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that this organism formed a robust clade with recognized species of the genus Leifsonia. Strain wged11T was(More)
We demonstrate the application of a subsurface solid immersion technique to the photoluminescence spectroscopy of individual quantum dots. Contrasted with the conventional solid immersion microscopy, we used a numerical aperture increasing lens and moved the interface between the sample and the solid immersion lens away from the focal plane, thus diminished(More)
A soil isolate, strain F829T, which had provisionally been assigned to the genus Nocardia, was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study. An almost complete 16S rDNA sequence was determined for this strain; the sequence was aligned with available sequences for nocardiae and phylogenetic trees were inferred using three tree-making algorithms. The organism(More)
The nematode-trapping fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora is the best-studied fungus for understanding the interaction between fungi and nematodes. The fungus uses three-dimensional adhesive networks to capture nematodes and then penetrates into the worms through their cuticle. Here we examine the effects of fungal cell wall related proteins on morphogenesis and(More)
—We describe recent experimental and theoretical advances in immersion lens microscopy for both surface and subsur-face imaging as applied to photonic nanostructures. We examine in detail the ability of sharp metal tips to enhance local optical fields for nanometer resolution microscopy and spectroscopy. Finally , we describe a new approach to nano-optics,(More)
BACKGROUND Diamagnetic levitation is a technique that uses a strong, spatially varying magnetic field to simulate an altered gravity environment, as in space. In this study, using Streptomyces avermitilis as the test organism, we investigate whether changes in magnetic field and altered gravity induce changes in morphology and secondary metabolism. We find(More)
BACKGROUND Amyloid-associated depression is associated with cognitive impairment cross sectionally. This follow-up study was to determine the relationship between amyloid-associated depression and the development of Alzheimer's disease (AD). METHODS Two hundred and twenty three subjects who did not have dementia at baseline were given a repeat cognitive(More)