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BACKGROUND Gene named entity classification and recognition are crucial preliminary steps of text mining in biomedical literature. Machine learning based methods have been used in this area with great success. In most state-of-the-art systems, elaborately designed lexical features, such as words, n-grams, and morphology patterns, have played a central part.(More)
Protein-protein interactions play a key role in various aspects of the structural and functional organization of the cell. Knowledge about them unveils the molecular mechanisms of biological processes. However, the amount of biomedical literature regarding protein interactions is increasing rapidly and it is difficult for interaction database curators to(More)
BACKGROUND Protein complexes can be identified from the protein interaction networks derived from experimental data sets. However, these analyses are challenging because of the presence of unreliable interactions and the complex connectivity of the network. The integration of protein-protein interactions with the data from other sources can be leveraged for(More)
Automatic extracting protein–protein interaction information from biomedical literature can help to build protein relation network, predict protein function and design new drugs. This paper presents a protein–protein interaction extraction system BioPPIExtractor for biomedical literature. This system applies Conditional Random Fields model to tag protein(More)
Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressive substance that causes structural and functional alterations in endothelial cells. To examine the effects of chronic cyclosporine therapy on endothelial function, Wistar Kyoto rats received daily s.c. injections of saline, cyclosporine solvent, or cyclosporine (15, 30, or 50 mg/kg) for up to 2 wk. Blood pressure remained(More)
The endothelium releases substances controlling vascular tone and platelet function. We investigated mediators of endothelium-dependent responses in human internal mammary arteries and saphenous veins. The inhibitor of nitric oxide formation, NG-monomethyl L-arginine, enhanced the sensitivity to norepinephrine (fivefold) and evoked more pronounced(More)
As an education pattern, e-learning systems are becoming more and more popular. For developing of e-learning systems, it is important to know users' opinions and evaluation about them. It is involved in applying the automatic text analysis to extract the opinions and adopting automatic sentiment analysis to identify the sentiment of opinions from the Web(More)
BACKGROUND Internal mammary artery (IMA) bypass grafts have a higher patency than saphenous vein (SV) grafts. Intimal hyperplasia of SV grafts is due to smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation and migration. We hypothesized that different SMC growth activity exists in IMA and SV, which may explain the different patencies of arterial and venous grafts. (More)
BACKGROUND Extracting protein-protein interactions from biomedical literature is an important task in biomedical text mining. Supervised machine learning methods have been used with great success in this task but they tend to suffer from data sparseness because of their restriction to obtain knowledge from limited amount of labelled data. In this work, we(More)