Zhihao Huang

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Recently, erasure codes such as Reed-Solomon (RS) code and Cauchy Reed-Solomon (CRS) code have been widely used in distributed file system to reduce the large storage overhead incurred by replication scheme. Now, there is a new erasure code called Binary Reed-Solomon (BRS) code that can achieve better performance than that of RS code, CRS code and is(More)
Orthogonal maleimide and thiol deprotections were combined with thiol-maleimide coupling to synthesize discrete oligomers/macromolecules on a gram scale with molecular weights up to 27.4 kDa (128mer, 7.9 g) using an iterative exponential growth strategy with a degree of polymerization (DP) of 2n -1. Using the same chemistry, a "readable" sequence-defined(More)
The data warehouse system Hive has emerged as an important facility for supporting data computing and storage. In particular, RCFile is a tailor-made data placement structure implemented in Hive, which is designed for the data processing efficiency. In this paper, we propose several optimized schemes based on RCFile and introduce EStore, which is an(More)
FexOy@FexOy/C nanoparticles with a soap-bubble-like shell have been synthesized, and the materials exhibit excellent Fenton catalytic performance. More importantly, FexOy@FexOy/C nanoparticles as catalysts and precursors could catalyze organic dye molecules to form iron oxide@organic dye polymer core-shell nanospheres.
As data grows exponentially within data centers, cluster deduplication storage systems face challenges in providing high throughput, high deduplication ratio and load balance. As the key technique, data routing algorithm has a strong impact on the deduplication ratio, throughput and load balance in cluster deduplication storage systems. In this paper, we(More)
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