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The assessment of binding affinity between ligands and the target proteins plays an essential role in drug discovery and design process. As an alternative to widely used scoring approaches, machine learning methods have also been proposed for fast prediction of the binding affinity with promising results, but most of them were developed as all-purpose(More)
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) play essential roles in many biological processes. In protein-protein interaction networks, hubs involve in numbers of PPIs and may constitute an important source of drug targets. The intrinsic disorder proteins (IDPs) with unstable structures can promote the promiscuity of hubs and also involve in many disease pathways,(More)
Melanin is a pigment produced by the cell wall of Cryptococcus neoformans; this occurs when a substrate is available. This pigment protects the cell from many environmental hazards, including radiation. One purpose of this pigment could possibly be to convert harmful forms of radiation into heat which could also possibly promote growth of the melanized(More)
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