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BACKGROUND Twist2 has been shown to promote human tumor invasion as in breast cancer and cervical cancer. However, whether Twist2 promotes human ovarian cancer progression remains to be elucidated. Here, we investigate the role of Twist2 in ovarian cancer invasion and metastasis as well as the underlying molecular mechanisms. METHODS Twist2 expression was(More)
Keeping continuity with our previous study that revealed direct correlations between CRC metastasis and enhanced CacyBP protein levels, here we attempt to improve our understanding of the mechanisms involved within this enigmatic process. Overexpression of CacyBP (CacyBP-OE) in primary CRC cell and its knock down (CacyBP-KD) in the metastatic CRC cells(More)
A distinctive feature of Chinese test is that a Chinese document is a sequence of Chinese with no space or boundary between Chinese words. This feature makes Chinese information retrieval more difficult since a retrieved document which contains the query term as a sequence of Chinese characters may not be really relevant to the query since the query term(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Biliary atresia (BA) is a pediatric liver disease characterized by fibro-obliteration and obstruction of the extrahepatic biliary system, that invariably leads to cirrhosis and even death, if left untreated for extended time. However, its pathology and etiology still remained unknown. In this study, we tested the expression of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the surgical outcomes of Kasai Portoenterostomy (PE) and investigate the learning curve of laparoscopic Kasai Portoenterostomy (Lap-PE). MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective chart review of 80 cases of biliary atresia (type III) undergoing Lap-PE at Shenzhen Children's Hospital from January 2011 to June 2015, all of which were(More)
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