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This Feature Article gives a summary on the conformational and supramolecular properties of a special type of click molecules, namely, main chain and cyclic oligo- and polytriazoles. The triazole ring is an interesting structural motif since it is a hydrogen bond donor and acceptor, a large molecular dipole and also a metal ligand. It can interact with a(More)
A series of platinum(II) terpyridine complexes with L-valine-modified alkynyl ligands has been synthesized. A complex with an unsubstituted terpyridine and one valine unit on the alkynyl is shown to be capable of gel formation, which is in sharp contrast to the gelation properties of the corresponding organic counterparts. Upon sol-gel transition, a drastic(More)
Click triazole-based oligopeptides 1-3 were found to self-dimerize (K(dim) ≈ 10-680 M(-1)) in a head-to-tail fashion based on (1)H variable concentration, 2D, and H/D exchange NMR, VPO, CD, FT-IR studies and Gaussian 03 simulations. The dimerization constant K(dim) was shown to increase with increasing number of the amino acid units. Within the same(More)
Coronaviral infection is associated with up to 5% of respiratory tract diseases. The 3C-like protease (3CL(pro)) of coronaviruses is required for proteolytic processing of polyproteins and viral replication, and is a promising target for the development of drugs against coronaviral infection. We designed and synthesized four nitrile-based peptidomimetic(More)
An enantioselective and highly diastereoselective bromoetherification and desymmetrization of olefinic 1,3-diols has been developed using a C2-symmetric cyclic sulfide catalyst. This methodology has been successfully applied to the synthesis of the key intermediate of an orally active antifungal drug posaconazole (Noxafil).
Oxygen- and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds are widely recognized as key components in many natural products and biologically relevant molecules, but often the problem comes down to methodologies in synthesizing them. Halocyclization of olefinic substrates is a promising strategy in the construction of O- and N-heterocyclic compounds, which(More)
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