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A highly enantioselective cis-epoxysuccinic acid hydrolase from Nocardia tartaricans was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity. The enzyme was purified 184-fold with a yield of 18.8 %. The purified cis-epoxysuccinic acid hydrolase had a monomeric molecular weight of 28 kDa, and its optimum conditions were 37 °C and pH 7–9. With sodium cis-epoxysuccinate(More)
BACKGROUND Enterovirus 71 (EV71) is a major causative agent of hand, foot and mouth disease, which has been prevalent in Asia-Pacific regions, causing significant morbidity and mortality in young children. Antibodies elicited by experimental EV71 vaccines could neutralize infection in vitro and passively protect animal models from lethal challenge,(More)
Following emergence of the tumor stem cell theory, the increasing number of related studies demonstrates the theory's growing importance in cancer research and its potential for clinical applications. Few studies have addressed the in vitro or in vivo properties of glioma stem cells from a Han Chinese population. In the present study, surgically obtained(More)
As one of the most serious microvascular complications of diabetes and a major cause of end stage renal disease, diabetic nephropathy (DN) is calling for effective treatment strategies. Here, we provide evidence that hyperglycemia can induce proliferation and decreasing apoptosis of mesangial cells (MCs) and subsequent renal dysfunction by up-regulating(More)
Surface-engineered particulate delivery systems for vaccine administration have been widely investigated in experimental and clinical studies. However, little is known about charge-coated microspheres as potential recombinant subunit protein antigen delivery systems in terms of adsorption and related immune responses. In the present study, cationic(More)
It is well known that primary emulsion (W1/O) preparation process (by ultrasonication or homogenization) plays an important role in the properties of drug-loaded microspheres, such as encapsulation efficiency, release behavior and pharmacodynamics. However, its involved mechanism has not been intensively and systematically studied, partly because that broad(More)
The three-dimensional structure of the GABA A receptor that included the ligand/agonist binding site was constructed and validated by using molecular modeling technology. Moreover, the putative binding-mode of GABA and diazepam with GABAA receptor were investigated by means of docking studies. Based on an rmsd-tolerance of 1.0 angstroms, the docking of GABA(More)
Compared with the one immobilized in the conventional mesoporous microspheres, the enzyme immobilized in gigaporous microspheres showed much higher activity and better stability. To gain a deeper understanding, we herein selected lipase as a prototype to comparatively analyze the adsorption behavior of lipase at interfaces in gigaporous and mesoporous(More)
Severe acute basilar artery occlusion (BAO) has a high mortality rate but as yet no effective treatment has been developed. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and safety of combined mechanical thrombectomy, intra-arterial thrombolysis, and emergent stent placement for patients with severe acute BAO. Eighteen patients who were unconscious after(More)
A direct method for incorporating frequency-dependent permittivity into an FDTD algorithm is presented in this paper. The frequency-dependent permittivity is represented as a series of modified impulse responses using a non-uniform discrete-time technique. The modified impulse response can be applied within a convolution in FDTD algorithm for general(More)