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Specification and verification of access control (AC) policies is a significant and challenging problem. Colored Petri Net (CPN) is a powerful modeling and analyzing tool having the advantages of intuitive visual framework with the rigor and precision of a semantics founded on category theory. In this paper, a concrete specification of SA-RBAC policy on CPN(More)
In recent years, the increased intensity and duration of droughts have dramatically altered the structure and function of grassland ecosystems, which have been forced to adapt to this change in climate. Combinations of global change drivers such as elevated atmospheric CO 2 concentration, warming, nitrogen (N) deposition, grazing, and land-use change have(More)
Soil moisture (SM) plays a decisive function during the grassland degradation and restoration process. In this paper, SM in desert steppe is measured with various methods at different spatial scale, including point-, fieldand regionalscale, and the SM results from FDR, CRS and remote sensing (RS) are verified mutually. The results show that CRS is adaptable(More)
According to the existing problems in access control model: privilege abuse and neglecting high security grade of sensitive information in practical application, an innovative access control model SARBAC is proposed in this paper. It introduces selfauthentication mechanism into the Reference RBAC Model. A theoretical description of self-authentication(More)
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