Zhiguo Hong

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On the basis of communication process a Stochastic Petri Net (SPN) model is constructed to analyze the performance of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The effects of arrival rate, data packet number, sink node's buffer size on average time delay, throughput and the utilization of the sink node buffer are also analyzed by solving the linear equations from(More)
Public opinion is the people's response for social phenomena, issues, hot topics, attitudes, emotions, and so on. It reflects the focus problems of the current time of the society. By analyzing the public opinion, we can infer what will happen in the next time, and give better decision support for governments and businesses. Big Data technology is becoming(More)
The widespread application of P2P file sharing brings about some critical problems, such as security, piracy and intellectual property. In order to protect the intellectual property rights of radio film and television resources, in this paper, under the environment of China Next Generation Internet (CNGI), a PCADRM (P2P-based Content Access Digital Rights(More)
With the development of science and technology, more people especially young teenagers do not want to pay more attention to traditional TV programs. Nowadays the challenge of traditional TV station is how to attract the audience's attention, so as to improve the audience rating of tradition TV programs. This paper proposes a recommendation system, which can(More)
In this paper, a geometrical analysis is proposed to analyse the performance of call blocking probability in low earth orbit (LEO) satellite networks. Call blocking probability is an important measure to analyse the performance of LEO satellite networks. Assuming shape of the corresponding cells in the footprint of a typical LEO satellite network is(More)
With the development of the Internet and social networking service, the micro-video is becoming more popular, especially for youngers. However, for many users, they spend a lot of time to get their favorite micro-videos from amounts videos on the Internet; for the micro-video producers, they do not know what kinds of viewers like their products. Therefore,(More)