Zhiguo Bao

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This article describes a mixed constrained image filter design with fault tolerance using particle swarm optimization (PSO) on a reconfigurable processing array. There may be some faulty configurable logic blocks (CLBs) in a reconfigurable processing array. The proposed method with PSO autonomously synthesizes a filter fitted to the reconfigurable device(More)
This article describes an evolutionary image filter design for noise reduction using particle swarm optimization (PSO), where mixed constraints on the circuit complexity, power, and signal delay are optimized. First, the evaluated values of correctness, complexity, power, and signal delay are introduced to the fitness function. Then PSO autonomously(More)
PSO(0:4) −80005207479684 1.65 −99745634920892 1.11 42.80 0.99 PSO(0:5) −80535402393364 1.66 −94873624466988 1.06 43.60 1.01 PSO(0:6) −79181905512328 1.63 −97375325953839 1.09 43.20 0.99 PSO(0:7) −56076103257304 1.15 −94746895485425 1.06 42.60 0.98 PSO(0:8) −57981907477527 1.19 −91487054845692 1.02 41.70 0.96 PSO(0:9) −48550809287267 1.00 −89652125806386(More)
In this research, some proposals are raised in evolution process by fixing whole or part of the chromosome representation of the image filter, together with other genetic operators one-point mutation and deterministic selection. It aims to find out better circuit structure by using circuits from previous experiments with best fitness values through mutation(More)
This paper proposes a new circuit design optimization method where Genetic Algorithm (GA) with parameterized uniform crossover (GApuc) is combined with Taguchi method. The purposed are (a) using Taguchi method to search for optimal fitness value and (b) evaluating the power and signal delay of logic blocks in circuit design to get an optimum circuit in(More)
In the traditional GA, the tournament selection for crossover and mutation is based on the fitness of individuals. This can make convergence easy, but some useful genes may be lost. In selection, as well as fitness, we consider the different structure of each individual compared with an elite one. Some individuals are selected with many different(More)
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