Zhiguang Zhong

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This paper presents a localization method using motion vision. The proposed method locates a mobile robot relative to the object to which the robot moves. Two points are selected from the object as feature points. Consecutive two images containing the feature points are taken before and after the robot moves. Then, the poses of the robot can be determined(More)
This paper presents a new feature point pairs based technique for object pose estimation and structure recovery from a single view. It first estimates rotational matrix independently, then computes translation vector and recovers the 3D structure of the object directly. Linear and nonlinear strategies are presented to estimate the rotational matrix. One is(More)
Electric industry is now playing a more and more important role in national economic market. As a consequence, economic status demonstrates quite close connection and great correlation with electrical industry. Along with the development of information technology and requirement of accurate resource deployment, economic trend forecasting has become a focus(More)
This paper presents a novel mobile robot localization method based on radio interference. The proposed approach determines the position of a mobile robot not according to radio signal strength but phase differences measured in different receiving places of radio interference signals, which are generated by the superposition in space of two unmodulated radio(More)
An online adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) design is proposed for the control of urban open-channel flow systems, whose topographic parameters are not assumed to be accessible. According to the Saint-Venant continuity equation, a simplified model is firstly built. Subsequently, an adaptive dynamic programming control scheme is implemented, whose purpose(More)
Face detection problem has been thoroughly studied in the computer vision community due to its fundamental challenges and interesting applications. Using information of skin color to detect face regions is a quick and effective way. However, it is very difficult to choose a suitable color space when designing a specific face detection algorithm since the(More)
For estimating fuzzy system which is imprecise and represented by fuzzy sets, a regularized least squares support vector fuzzy regression model is proposed. The proposed fuzzy regression model is applying the fuzzy sets principle in weight vector and bias term. Determining the weight vector and the bias term of the proposed fuzzy regression model only(More)
For estimating faults of the system with unknown nonlinear term, a novel fault diagnosis method based on nonlinear compensation term and proportional multiple-integral observer is proposed. In this method, the nonlinear compensation term is constructed by support vector machines(SVM), which can reduce the influence of unknown nonlinear part. Proportional(More)