Zhiguang Han

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Object class detection, also known as category-level object detection, has become one of the most focused areas in computer vision in the new century. This article attempts to provide a comprehensive survey of the recent technical achievements in this area of research. More than 270 major publications are included in this survey covering different aspects(More)
Biphotons with narrow bandwidth and long coherence time can enhance light-atom interaction, which leads to strong coupling between photonic and atomic qubits. Such strong coupling is desirable in quantum information processing, quantum storage and communication. In particular, paired photons with a long coherence time over submicroseconds facilitate the(More)
In this work, we studied the phase transitions and exchange bias of Ni50-xMn36Sn14Tx (T = Pd, Pt; x = 0, 1, 2, 3) alloys. An intermartensitic transition (IMT), not observed in Ni50Mn36Sn14 alloy, was induced by the proper application of negative chemical pressure by Pd(Pt) doping in Ni50-xMn36Sn14Tx (T = Pd, Pt) alloys. IMT weakened and was suppressed with(More)
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