Zhiguang Chen

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Due to the limited erasure/program cycles of flash memory, flash-based SSDs need to prolong their life time using wear-leveling mechanism to meet their advertised capacity all the time. However, there is no wear-leveling mechanism among SSDs in RAID system, which makes some SSDs wear out faster than others. Once any one of SSDs fails, reconstruction must be(More)
BACKGROUND Acupuncture in humans can produce clinical effects via the central nervous system. However, the neural substrates of acupuncture's effects remain largely unknown. RESULTS We utilized functional MRI to investigate the topological efficiency of brain functional networks in eighteen healthy young adults who were scanned before and after(More)
Solid-state drives (SSDs) are widely used in storage systems. However, algorithms adopted by existing operating systems generally consider the underlying devices as hard disks, and thus are rarely optimized for SSDs. In this paper, we focus on a classical research issue, the cache replacement policy, and design a new policy by taking the parallelism of SSDs(More)
Big Data requires a shift in traditional computing architecture. The in-memory computing is a new paradigm for Big Data analytics. However, DRAM-based main memory is neither cost-effective nor energy-effective. This work combines flash-based solid state drive (SSD) and DRAM together to build a hybrid memory, which meets both of the two requirements. As the(More)
Breast cancer is a threat to the health of women, and metastasis of breast cancer cells plays an important role in the deterioration of breast cancer. MicroRNAs play a critical role in the tumorigenesis and development of breast cancer. MicroRNA-148a (miR-148a) is associated with the growth and metastasis of tumor cells. In the present study, we(More)
In the era of big data, high-bandwidth and high-concurrency architecture of storage systems is urgently needed. Due to the superiority in power consumption, random access rate and shock resistance, NAND flash memory is popularly adopted in enterprise-class storage systems, and gradually takes the place of traditional hard disk. However, this kind of(More)
To address the high energy consumption issue of SRAM on GPUs, emerging Spin-Transfer Torque (STT-RAM) memory technology has been intensively studied to build GPU register files for better energy-efficiency, thanks to its benefits of low leakage power, high density, and good scalability. However, STT-RAM suffers from a reliability issue, read disturbance,(More)