Zhigeng Fang

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The existing Petri Net researches of production system always define the trigger rates as some certain values. The problems can bring some risks or mistakes to analysis, evaluation and prediction of system performance, causing the managers hard to make the right, proper and efficient production plans and decisions. According to this, writers introduce Grey(More)
This paper presents a commercial aircraft price forecast method based on the construction of I-GM(0,N) model. As a modification of conventional GM(0,N), the I-GM(0,N) model is established mainly for Cross sectional data simulation and forecast. After selecting price-affecting factors as well as selecting the Benchmark Ranking Sequence based on Grey(More)
This study reexamines the relationship between energy consumption, urban population, economic growth and CO2 emissions in the BRICS countries (i.e., Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) during the period 2004e2010, by using a novel multi-variable grey model. The results indicate that the economic growth has a decreasing effect on the CO2(More)
Grey incidence model determines the closeness degree from the closeness and similarity of statistical sequencepsilas geometrical form. Traditional grey incidence model calculates statistical sequencepsilas correlation degree from the perspectives of its acreage, slope, changing velocity, etc. These incidence models have dual influences exerted by horizontal(More)
On the basis of (GAHP), this paper has improved the method of how to judge related factors which are important in multi-objective planning, and we came to a solution about the difficulty of judging accurately the importance of relative factors which are caused by the unbalanced distribution of information.
In order to overcome the limitation that traditional evolutionary game model could not compute results of one-shot game or short-term economic equilibrium etc., the paper designs a chain structure model of evolutionary game based on the symmetric income situation. Furthermore, we discover deeply that individuals in the game are in correlative dependence and(More)