Zhigang Yan

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The ongoing avian H7N9 influenza outbreaks in China have caused significant human fatal cases and the virus is becoming established in poultry. Mutations with potential to increase mammalian adaptation have occurred in the polymerase basic protein 2 (PB2) and other viral genes. Here we found that dual 627K and 701N mutations could readily occur during(More)
The theoretical upper bound of generalization error for ECOC SVMs is derived based on Fat-Shattering dimensionality and covering number. The factors affecting the generalization performance of ECOC SVMs are analyzed. From the analysis, it is believed that in real classification tasks, the performance of ECOC depends on the performance of the classifiers(More)
Recent years, more and more cities have planned to build " digital city ". In which the city information and its services is the core of urban plan, construction and management. of all the city informations, the spatial information plays an important role, compared with the other informations,there are some specialities in the urban spatial information,(More)
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