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Mammalian pre-implantation development is a complex process involving dramatic changes in the transcriptional architecture. We report here a comprehensive analysis of transcriptome dynamics from oocyte to morula in both human and mouse embryos, using single-cell RNA sequencing. Based on single-nucleotide variants in human blastomere messenger RNAs and(More)
Recent advances in gene editing technology have introduced the potential for application of mutagenesis approaches in nonhuman primates to model human development and disease. Here we report successful TALEN-mediated mutagenesis of an X-linked, Rett syndrome (RTT) gene, methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (MECP2), in both rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys.(More)
BACKGROUND Intermediate filaments (IFs) are major components of the mammalian cytoskeleton and expressed in cell-type-specific patterns. Morphological changes during cell differentiation are linked to IF network remodeling. However, little is known concerning the presence and the role of IFs in embryonic stem (ES) cells and during their differentiation. (More)
A recently identified class of myopathies is produced by abnormal desmin, and is characterized by a disorganization of the desmin filament network, the accumulation of insoluble desmin-containing aggregates, and destructive changes in the sarcomeric organization of striated muscles. The desmin filaments interact with various other cytoskeletal proteins. The(More)
DNA methylation is a major epigenetic factor regulating genome reprogramming, cell differentiation and developmental gene expression. To understand the role of DNA methylation in central nervous system (CNS) neurons, we generated conditional Dnmt1 mutant mice that possess approximately 90% hypomethylated cortical and hippocampal cells in the dorsal(More)
Recent studies in desmin (-/-) mice have shown that the targeted ablation of desmin leads to pathological changes of the extrasarcomeric intermediate filament cytoskeleton, as well as structural and functional abnormalities of mitochondria in striated muscle. Here, we report on a novel heterozygous single adenine insertion mutation (c.5141_5143insA) in a(More)
The corneal endothelium is composed of a monolayer of corneal endothelial cells (CECs), which is essential for maintaining corneal transparency. To better characterize CECs in different developmental stages, we profiled mRNA transcriptomes in human fetal and adult corneal endothelium with the goal to identify novel molecular markers in these cells. By(More)
Atmospheric mercury (Hg) emission from coal is one of the primary sources of anthropogenic discharge and pollution. China is one of the few countries in the world whose coal consumption constitutes about 70% of total primary energy, and over half of coals are burned directly for electricity generation. Atmospheric emissions of Hg and its speciation from(More)
Disorganization of the desmin network is associated with cardiac and skeletal myopathies characterized by accumulation of desmin-containing aggregates in the cells. Multiple associations of intermediate filament proteins form a network to increase mechanical and functional stability. Synemin is a desmin-associated type VI intermediate filament protein.(More)
Spinal cord injury (SCI) leads to the loss of sensory, motor, and autonomic function. We aimed to identify the therapeutic targets of-SCI by bioinformatics analysis. The gene expression profile of GSE20907 was downloaded from gene expression omnibus database. By comparing gene expression profiles with control samples, we screened out several differentially(More)