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In order to better control the mobile nodes in wireless sensor networks, an effective navigation algorithm is proposed in this paper. The static nodes are used as beacons. The methods of topology credits and TDOA (time difference of arrival) are adopted. Credits of nodes are used to create topology of the networks. Meanwhile, the TDOA method is used to(More)
In this paper, a new method involving an experiment in vivo and hydro-mechanical coupling simulations was proposed to investigate the biomechanical property of human periodontal ligament (PDL). Teeth were loaded and their displacements were measured in vivo. The finite element model of the experiment was built and hydro-mechanical coupling simulations were(More)
Dynamic simulation of alveolar bone remodeling is important for orthodontic study and clinical operation, but dynamic simulation based on tissue change has never been realized. Based on a remodeling model obtained from data in literature, using a viscoelastic constitutive model of periodontal ligament obtained by experiment data fitting, the alveolar(More)
Software engineering has been fundamentally transformed by a collaborative development model. Facilitated by powerful tools, even a modest software project can benefit from a global virtual community of developers. The authors of this article propose that the collaborative techniques used in modern software development can also be applied to other fields,(More)
—Flaws in train wheel could cause wheel broken in high-speed running process, which seriously affect the traffic safety. Detection of wheel flaws is important and urgent. A fuzzy pattern recognition method is applied to flaw classification in ultrasonic transverse wave detection of wheel defect. The received flaw echoes are pre-processed by wavelet(More)
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