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The virtualization technology makes it feasible that multiple guest operating systems run on a single physical machine. It is the virtual machine monitor that dynamically maps the virtual CPU of virtual machines to physical CPUs according to the scheduling strategy. The scheduling strategy in Xen schedules virtual CPUs of a virtual machines asynchronously(More)
—Intervehicle communication is a key technique of intelligent transport systems. Recently, ad hoc networking in the vehicular environment was investigated intensively. This paper proposes a new clustering technique for large multihop vehicular ad hoc networks. The cluster structure is determined by the geographic position of nodes and the priorities(More)
Adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer after surgery has effectively lowered metastatic recurrence rates. However, a considerable proportion of women suffer recurrent cancer at distant metastatic sites despite adjuvant treatment. Identification of the genes crucial for tumor response to specific chemotherapy drugs is a challenge but is necessary to improve(More)
Wikipedia becomes one of the largest knowledge bases on the Web. It has attracted 513 million page views per day in January 2012. However, one critical issue for Wikipedia is that articles in different language are very unbalanced. For example, the number of articles on Wikipedia in English has reached 3.8 million, while the number of Chinese articles is(More)
REV1 functions in the DNA polymerase zeta mutagenesis pathway. To help understand the role of REV1 in lesion bypass, we have examined activities of purified human REV1 opposite various template bases and several different DNA lesions. Lacking a 3'-->5' proofreading exonuclease activity, purified human REV1 exhibited a DNA polymerase activity on a repeating(More)
To date, there has not been an agreement on the best methods for the characterisation of multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) toxicity. The length of MWCNTs has been identified as a factor in in vitro and in vivo studies, in addition to their purity and biocompatible coating. Another unresolved issue relates to the variable toxicity of MWCNTs on different(More)
System virtualization can aggregate the functionality of multiple standalone computer systems into a single hardware computer. It is significant to virtualize the computing nodes with multi-core processors in the cluster system, in order to promote the usage of the hardware while decrease the cost of the power. In the virtualized cluster system, multiple(More)
This paper presents a parallel genetic simulated annealing (PGSA) algorithm that has been developed and applied to optimize continuous problems. In PGSA, the entire population is divided into subpopulations, and in each subpopulation the algorithm uses the local search ability of simulated annealing after crossover and mutation. The best individuals of each(More)
Wikipedia infoboxes are a valuable source of structured knowledge for global knowledge sharing. However, infobox information is very incomplete and imbal-anced among the Wikipedias in different languages. It is a promising but challenging problem to utilize the rich struc-tured knowledge from a source language Wikipedia to help complete the missing(More)