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OBJECTIVE This study aims to identify the target gene of hsa-miR-195 and to research the molecular mechanism of hsa-miR-195 which is through its target genes in the colorectal cancer invasion and metastasis. METHODS We used biological informatics (RNAhybrid and Target Scan analysis database) to predict the target genes of hsa-miR-195. Collected colon(More)
To find how many clusters in a sample set is an old yet unsolved problem in unsupervised clustering. Many segmentation methods require the user to specify the number of regions in the image or some delicate thresholds to get a sensible segmentation. In this paper, we propose a segmentation method that is able to automatically determine the number of regions(More)
In recent years, cooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) for cognitive radio networks (CRN) have been widely investigated in various research aspects. With an aim to develop easy-to-implement CSS schemes, this paper proposes two optimal strategies to manipulate the transmit powers of the cooperative secondary users (SU) in the CSS intervals. When the joint(More)
Glioma is one of the most lethal malignancies, and increasing reports revealed that microRNAs (miRNAs), a class of small non-coding RNAs, play a critical role in the development and pathology of human gliomas. MiR-424 has been found to be dysregulated in many different types of human cancers. However, the clinical significance and function of miR-424 in(More)
BACKGROUND The primary auditory cortex, which was previously considered to be unisensory, has been shown to be multisensory. However, the temporal details of processing nonauditory stimuli in the human auditory cortex remain unclear, owing to the low temporal and spatial resolution of the adopted imaging techniques. METHODS Using intraoperative optical(More)
The interactions of N-acetyl-L-cysteine-capped CdTe quantum dots (QDs) with bovine serum albumin (BSA) and bovine hemoglobin (BHb) were investigated by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), fluorescence, synchronous fluorescence, fluorescence lifetime, ultraviolet-visible absorption, and circular dichroism techniques. Fluorescence data of BSA-QDs and(More)
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