Zhigang Shang

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To analyze the p42.3 gene expression in gastric cancer (GC) cell, find the relationship between protein structure and function, establish the regulatory network of p42.3 protein molecule and then to obtain the optimal regulatory pathway. The expression of p42.3 gene was analyzed by RT-PCR, Western Blot and other biotechnologies. The relationship between the(More)
This paper experiments with an agent-based system designed to support decisions in chemical process industry. Chemical engineering technology, artificial intelligent and information technology are integrated to automate decisions on-line. A multi-agent system is employed to coordinate tasks and information stored in heterogeneous resources. The system(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the amino acid sequence composition, secondary structure, the spatial conformation of its domain and other characteristics of Argonaute protein. METHODS Bioinformatics tools and the internet server were used. Firstly, the amino acid sequence composition features of the Argonaute protein were analyzed, and the phylogenetic tree was(More)