Zhigang Lu

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The neighbourhood-based Collaborative Filtering is a widely used method in recommender systems. However, the risks of revealing customers' privacy during the process of filtering have attracted noticeable public concern recently. Specifically, kNN attack discloses the target user's sensitive information by creating k fake nearest neighbours by non-sensitive(More)
Recommender systems, tool for predicting users' potential preferences by computing history data and users' interests, show an increasing importance in various Internet applications such as online shopping. As a well-known recommendation method, neighbourhood-based col-laborative filtering has attracted considerable attention recently. The risk of revealing(More)
Neighbourhood-based Collaborative Filtering (CF) has been applied in the industry for several decades, because of the easy implementation and high recommendation accuracy. As the core of neighbourhood-based CF, the task of dynamically maintaining users' similarity list is challenged by cold-start problem and scalability problem. Recently, several methods(More)