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Supporting continuous sensing applications on mobile phones is challenging because of the resource demands of long-term sensing, inference and communication algorithms. We present the design, implementation and evaluation of the <i>Jigsaw continuous sensing engine</i>, which balances the performance needs of the application and the resource demands of(More)
A class of antimicrobial peptides involved in host defense consists of sequences rich in Arg and Trp-R and -W. Analysis of the pharmacophore in these peptides revealed that chains as short as trimers of sequences such as WRW and RWR have antimicrobial activity (M. B. Strom, B. E. Haug, M. L. Skar, W. Stensen, T. Stiberg, and J. S. Svendsen, J. Med. Chem.(More)
Astaxanthin (AST) is a carotenoid pigment which possesses potent antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. The aim of this study was to investigate whether administration of AST had protective effects on D-galactose-induced brain aging in rats, and further examined its protective mechanisms. The results showed that AST treatment(More)
We present Darwin, an enabling technology for mobile phone sensing that combines collaborative sensing and classification techniques to reason about human behavior and context on mobile phones. Darwin advances mobile phone sensing through the deployment of efficient but sophisticated machine learning techniques specifically designed to run directly on(More)
Serum enzymes that play potential roles in tumor growth have recently been reported to have prognostic relevance in a diverse array of tumors. However, prognosis-related serum enzymes are rarely reported for nasopharyngeal carcinoma(NPC). To clarify whether the level of serum enzymes is linked to the prognosis of NPC, we reviewed the pretreatment data of(More)
This paper expounds three kinds of grey neural network combined model for short-term prediction of urban traffic speed, and confirms their validity and feasibility by conducting experiment in Beijing road of Jingzhou. Three kinds of networks are parallel grey neural network, series grey neural network, and inlaid grey neural network. The experiment proves(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of a community based integrated intervention for early prevention and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in China. DESIGN Cluster randomised controlled trial. SETTING Eight healthcare units in two communities. PARTICIPANTS Of 1062 people aged 40-89, 872 (101 with COPD and 771 without COPD) who(More)
Duck is susceptible to many pathogens, such as duck hepatitis virus, duck enteritis virus (DEV), duck tembusu virus, H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV) in particular. With the significant role of duck in the evolution of H5N1 HPAIV, control and eradication of H5N1 HPAIV in duck through vaccine immunization is considered an effective method(More)
Dendrimers are synthetic nanocarriers that comprise a highly branched spherical polymer as new, efficient tools for drug delivery. However, the fate of nanocarriers after being internalized into cells has seldom been studied. Docetaxel loaded dendritic copolymer H40-poly(D,L-lactide) nanoparticles, referred to as "DTX-H40-PLA NPs", were prepared and used as(More)