Zhigang Lian

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—In this paper, a self-government particle swarm optimizer (SGPSO) is proposed to improve the performance of original PSO, in which particle updating depends on local best information searched at anterior runs as well as individual history best and global best at present. To evaluate the novel algorithm, some benchmark functions are employed in comparison(More)
Nuclear protein-1 (NUPR1), located on chromosome 16p11.2, is a stress response factor that plays an important role in the growth and migration of human malignant tumor cells. However, the role of NUPR1 in glioblastoma remains poorly understood. The expression level of NUPR1 was detected by quantitative real-time PCR and immunohistochemistry (IHC). Wound(More)
This paper researches on a special job-shop scheduling problem meeting capabilities of equipments and different due-dates. Its model is developed, which can accord process capacity and different due-dates in numerous jobs to select some to process, and the objective is as far as possible to maximize output. In order to solve complex scheduling problems(More)
Acidosis is a common characteristic of brain damage. Because studies have shown that permeable Ca(2+)-acid-sensing ion channels can mediate the toxic effects of calcium ions, they have become new targets against pain and various intracranial diseases. However, the mechanism associated with expression of these channels remains unclear. This study sought to(More)
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