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A new type of tree mining is defined in this paper, which uncovers maximal frequent induced subtrees from a database of unordered labeled trees. A novel algorithm, PathJoin, is proposed. The algorithm uses a compact data structure, FST-Forest, which compresses the trees and still keeps the original tree structure. PathJoin generates candidate subtrees by(More)
Projective synchronization (PS), in which the state vectors synchronize up to a scaling factor, is usually observable only in partially linear systems. We show that PS could, by means of control, be extended to general classes of chaotic systems with nonpartial linearity. Performance of PS may also be manipulated by controlling the scaling factor to any(More)
—The Internet of Things (IOT), the idea of getting real-world objects connected with each other, will change the ways we organize, obtain and consume information radically. Through sensor networks, agriculture can be connected to the IOT, which allows us to create connections among agronomists, farmers and crops regardless of their geographical differences.(More)