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Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) is a kind of sparse Ad Hoc networks in which no contemporaneous path exists between any two nodes most of the time. Multicasting in DTN is a desirable feature for applications where some form of group communication is in demand. In this paper, we propose a multicast protocol for DTN: ECAM (Epidemic-based Controlled Flooding and(More)
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is garnering increasing interest and acceptance among the general population throughout the world. The use of CAM by cancer patients is very common in China. The referenced English literature has no rural community-based study from China on this subject. This study was conducted to define the prevalence, pattern(More)
More and more VoIP applications have emerged with the development of network and multimedia coding techniques. Their traffic identification is meaningful to for network management and application optimization. In this paper, a new traffic identification scheme, which combines traffic flow statistic analysis with host behavior estimation, is proposed to(More)
In Disruption Tolerant Networks, aggressive packet forwarding scheme like flooding has a major drawback in terms of network congestion. In this paper, we proposed a new routing algorithm, called Adaptive Randomized Epidemic Routing (ARER). ARER dynamically adjusts the forwarding probability for each message according to a new metric, Replications Density.(More)
With the development of network and multimedia coding techniques, more and more Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications have emerged. The traffic identification on VoIP applications becomes an important issue in network management and traffic analysis. In this paper, a new traffic identification scheme, which combines traffic flow statistic(More)
The illumination variation problem is still an open question in face recognition in uncontrolled environment. To cope with this problem, many methods are proposed to strengthen illumination compensation and feature enhancement, among which quotient image based methods are reported to be a simple yet practical technique. Recently the SQI, MQI and DMQI are(More)
Energy conservation is a critical issue in wireless ad hoc networks, as usually nodes are powered by batteries only. This paper proposes a cross-layer design of energy-aware multicast ad hoc on-demand distance vector (CEMAODV) routing protocol. At one hand it adopts cross-layer mechanism and energy-aware metric to modify AODV routing protocol to reduce the(More)