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A new machine learning method—Wavelet neutral network was introduced and some of its characteristics were discussed.  Rough set and WNN are combined to establish a rough set-based data pre-processing wavelet network model. It effectively overcome the wavelet network does not distinguish importance of property of samples and slow defect(More)
in Scaled High-κ/Metal-gate Technology for the nano-Reliability Era Pengpeng Ren, Runsheng Wang, Zhigang Ji, Peng Hao, Xiaobo Jiang, Shaofeng Guo, Mulong Luo, Meng Duan, Jian F. Zhang, Jianping Wang, Jinhua Liu, Weihai Bu, Jingang Wu, Waisum Wong, Shaofeng Yu, Hanming Wu, Shiuh-Wuu Lee, Nuo Xu, Ru Huang Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University,(More)
Hot carrier injection (HCI) is one of the critical de-vice degradation mechanisms, and is conventionally characterized with constant voltage stress (CVS) method. A novel voltage-step stress (VSS) methodology is pro-posed to quickly characterize HCI degradation, based on a simplified reaction-diffusion model. This wafer-level reliability qualification(More)
A probing technique to obtain the energy distribution of positive charges in high-k gate stack dielectrics, both within and beyond the substrate bandgap, has been proposed. The energy distribution of different high-k devices has been investigated and attention has been paid to their differences from the single-layered SiON devices. The results obtained from(More)
In construction cost forecasting system, a great many uncertain factors effect the cost decision-making, so it is difficult to do effective forecasting by using traditional methods such as time series approach, regression analysis. In this paper, a nonlinear model based on RBF Neural Network is presented. There are some ameliorated measures in leaning(More)
3D Fabric jointly uses two strategies for congestion avoidance: flow rate adjustment and path switch. 3D Fabric predicts flow's size and only decelerates large flows in case of light congestion. When the network is heavily congested, it starts to decelerate small flows as well, and meanwhile, considers to switch large flow's path with the help of a new(More)
As the device size downscales, hot carrier aging (HCA) scales up and remerges as a major challenge to the reliability of modern CMOS technologies. The conventional method for predicting the HCA device lifetime is based on a power law kinetics and critically depends on the accuracy of the time power exponent, n. In this work, we study how to extract the n(More)