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Dynamic resource allocation is a key technique that can significantly improve the performance of next generation wireless systems under guaranteed QoS to users. Most of the current resource allocation algorithms are, however, limited to unicast traffics. In practice, how to efficiently allocate various resources in multicast wireless systems is not known.(More)
In cognitive radio networks, knowledge of the position of the primary users is very important as it can be used to avoid harmful interference to the primary users, while at the same time be exploited to improve the spectrum utilization. In this paper, a semi range-based localization algorithm is proposed for the secondary users in cognitive radio networks(More)
This paper proposed a post-refining method with fine contextual-dependent GMM for the auto-segmentation task. A GMM trained with a super feature vector extracted from multiple evenly spaced frames near the boundary is suggested to describe the waveform evolution across a boundary. CART is used to cluster acoustically similar GMM, so that the GMM for each(More)