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Early research in heuristic search discovered that using inconsistent heuristics with A* could result in an exponential increase in the number of node expansions. As a result, the use of inconsistent heuristics has largely disappeared from practice. Recently, inconsistent heuristics have been shown to be effective in IDA*, especially when applying the(More)
This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. The manuscript will undergo copyediting, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof before it is published in its final form. Please note that during the production process errors may(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence of and risk factors for prostatitis-like symptoms and its relation to erectile dysfunction (ED) among southern Chinese men. Data were collected from 2790 men attending the Fangchenggang Area Male Healthy and Examination Survey from September 2009 to December 2009. The prostatitis-like symptoms were(More)
BACKGROUND While many investigators have studied symptomatic prostatitis, little research has been done with regard to asymptomatic (NIH-IV) prostatitis. PURPOSE To describe the prevalence of and risk factors for NIH-IV prostatitis among a large male population. METHODS The study population was comprised of 1,868 men at the second phase recruitment of a(More)
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