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Sodium ferulate (SF) and Oxymatrine (OMT) were compounds extracted from Chinese herbs, and have been used in clinical treatment of heart and hepatic diseases, respectively, in China for many years. The objective of this study was to examine the analgesic effect and the mechanism of the combined treatment of SF and OMT. Using the animal pain models by(More)
This paper introduces into seven real-world road driving stereo sequences (provided by Daimler AG, Germany; now freely available for academic research); it also informs about their use for performance evaluation in some experiments using common stereo and motion analysis algorithms. Often, such algorithms are tested on a few frames only, or on synthetic(More)
BACKGROUND Heat stress can be acutely cytotoxic, and heat stress-induced apoptosis is a prominent pathological feature of heat-related illnesses, although the precise mechanisms by which heat stress triggers apoptosis are poorly defined. METHODS The percentages of viability and cell death were assessed by WST-1 and LDH release assays. Apoptosis was(More)
Urbanization has transformed the world’s landscapes, resulting in a series of ecological and environmental problems. To assess urbanization impacts and improve sustainability, one of the first questions that we must address is: how much of the world’s land has been urbanized? Unfortunately, the estimates of the global urban land reported in the literature(More)
China's extensive urbanization has resulted in a massive loss of natural habitat, which is threatening the nation's biodiversity and socioeconomic sustainability. A timely and accurate understanding of natural habitat loss caused by urban expansion will allow more informed and effective measures to be taken for the conservation of biodiversity. However, the(More)