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The inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM) invaginates to form cristae and the maintenance of cristae depends on the mitochondrial contact site (MICOS) complex. Mitofilin and CHCHD6, which physically interact, are two components of the MICOS. In this study, we performed immunoprecipitation experiments with Mitofilin and CHCHD6 antibodies and identified a(More)
Android has 81.5% of the smartphone market now, and it is also suffering from the explosive growth of malicious applications (or apps). These apps steal users' secret data and transmit it out of the phones. By analyzing the required permissions and the abnormal behaviors, some malicious apps may be easily detected. However, in this paper, we present a(More)
The rapid growth of Android system has encountered enormous security challenges. The vulnerabilities caused by the limited security models, coarse permission system and code flaws lead to private information leakage, deny of service, potential costs, etc. To detect these vulnerabilities, some analysis and security testing methods have been presented.(More)
Vulnerability exploits will result in security breaches or violations of the system's security policy causing information leakage or economic losses. Although many detection methods such as static analysis, dynamic analysis and fuzz testing have been presented, the vulnerabilities are still difficult to detect. In this paper, we propose a new detection(More)
The current statistics of vulnerability indicates that the security mechanisms become more important to protect the security of operating system than before. The security mechanism is regarded as an effective method of defence. However it is a great challenge to balance the security assurance and the user experience. In this paper, we propose the Policy(More)
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