Zhifei Chen

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—The dynamic features of programming languages are useful constructs that bring developers convenience and flexibility, but they are also perceived to lead to difficulties in software maintenance. Figuring out whether the use of dynamic features affects maintenance is significant for both researchers and practitioners, yet little work has been done to(More)
Oncolytic virotherapy has been an attractive drug platform for targeted therapy of cancer over the past few years. Viral vectors can be used to target and lyse cancer cells, but achieving good efficacy and specificity with this treatment approach is a major challenge. Here, we assessed the ability of a novel dual-specific anti-tumor oncolytic adenovirus,(More)
Recently, the incorporation of biomolecules in Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) attracts many attentions because of controlling the functions, properties and stability of trapped molecules. Although there are few reports on protein/MOFs composites and their applications, none of DNA/MOFs composite is reported, as far as we know. Here, we report a new(More)
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