Zhifang Liao

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In this paper, we combine probabilistic model and classical content-based filtering recommendation algorithms to propose a new algorithm for recommendation system, which we call content-based filtering recommendation algorithm using HMM. We utilize the HMM of recommended items to match user model and recommend items using user data. According to experiment(More)
Within the increasingly severe air pollution, how to effectively process and analyze air quality data has become a hot issue. This paper introduces visual analytics into the processing and analysis of air quality data, and presents a web-based visual analytics system, AirVIS, for collaborative and comprehensive analysis on the spatial-temporal and(More)
Social tagging predictions involve the co occurrence of users, items and tags. The tremendous growth of users require the recommender system to produce tag recommendations for millions of users and items at any minute. The triplets of users, items and tags are most naturally described by a 3D tensor, and tensor decomposition-based algorithms can produce(More)
With the increasing presence and adoption of multimedia services over the Internet, quality has become an essential factor in choosing a service from a set of functionally similar services. To address the time-consuming, inaccurate and expensive multimedia quality evaluations in traditional methods, this paper proposes a context-aware matrix factorization(More)
In Data mining and Knowledge discovery, clustering is one of the most important techniques in the process of discovering salient structures from the data. This paper explores the idea of statistical consensus method for combining results from multiple clustering or partitions. We explored this idea when working with customs data from Revenue Authority. The(More)
With the development of science and technology, it is possible to analyze residents’ daily behaviors for the purpose of smart healthcare in the smart home environment. Many researchers have begun to detect residents’ anomalous behaviors and assess their physical condition, but these approaches used by the researchers are often caught in plight caused by a(More)
In this paper, the Negative Weighted Repeated Pseudo-median Filter (NWRPM), a new method combined the characteristics of repeated median filter (RM), weighted median filter and pseudo-median filter (PM), is proposed so as to be applicable for the low-power system with limited processing and storage capacity such as wireless sensor etc. The NWRPM adopts PM(More)