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For the purpose of recognizing the License Plate accurately and rapidly, the algorithm makes a full use of texture, shape and projection characteristics of the License Plate and expounds the License Plate Recognition in four parts under the condition of consideration and solution of adverse factors such as uneven illumination, license plate deflection and(More)
In order to realize the automation of rebar counting on the production line, this paper analyzes the advantages and the disadvantages of existing solutions. Combining their dominances, this paper presents a new solution. This solution captures the radius of normal rebar according to maximal internal tangent circle algorithm. With the radius, modified(More)
Used the 32 bits LPC2220 microprocessor of ARM7 as hardware platform, and combined muC/OS-II real-time embedded operating system, global positioning system with ZigBee of wireless local area network, the data acquisition and record system not only can collect, record, transmit (wire or wireless) , display the complex industrial signals and so on, but also(More)
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